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Electronic Tagging

You’ll love it!! Every consignor will need to register: that means you are planning on coming to the sale with items to sell. (24+) Paper should be used for tags.

  • If you are new to Kidsignments, please make sure you read How To and Volunteers. These pages contain vital information for making sure your items are placed for sale in Kidsignments!
  • New Consignor Registration. If you have never consigned with Kidsignments before, this is where you start! You’ll be assigned your consignor number and enter your contact information.
  • If you are a Returning Consignor Registration, you will need to enter your consignor number and your password.
    • Make sure you update all contact information.
  • After you register, you can sign into the Item Entry and Tag Printing. This is the best part!! You’ll love the ease of creating tags! The speed of printing them, being able to create multiple duplicate tags at once…staying in one “department” for your pile of items…automatic use of your consignor number… seeing what you’ve done…keeping track of what’s been printed already…you’re just going to love it!!
  • Mailing List Signup. Consignors and those already on our email list are still on the email list!!
  • Barcode Examples. Check out this PDF to make sure your barcodes are being properly printed!!!