Busy Mom Tagging

We Love “Busy Mom Tagging.”

If you have items to consign, but don’t have the time to tag them yourself, we have a new service to help out.  Just drop off your items and we will do the rest for you.  A check will be sent to you within a week after the sale for your items sold.

Busy Mommy Tagging will be available through February.  Schedule early as spots fill up quickly and we have to turn Busy Moms away each sale.

Rather than receive 60% return, you would receive 50%.  The difference of 10% will be put towards our Missions fund.  You will also be charged a $15.00. The fee covers all tagging supplies (zip ties, bags, safety pins, paper, ink cartridges, etc). The fee also covers our cost to store and deliver your items as well as put them away at our sale. The fee covers the first 100 items and will increase by $5 for each additional 100 items.


1. Register as a Consigner.  The consignor fee you pay by registering through paypal will be deducted from your $15 Busy Mom fee.

2. To see available times and set up a drop off appointment, contact Emily Wiggins by phone 260-251-4134 -OR- send an email to emily@marionconsignments.com

3. Bring at least 20 nice items that do not have stains or tears.

  • Bring hangers for your items.  If you do not have hangers, we have them available for .05. The contribution for hangers will be given to our mission for that sale.

If you choose to donate your items after the sale, you will not be charged a hanger fee.

  • A supplies, handling, delivering and putting away at the sale of $10.00 will also be deducted from your check.
  • As we go through your items, we may deem some not acceptable for the sale.  You will have the choice to either pick these items up, or have us donate them for you.

4.  You will receive 2 passes to shop our Thursday pre-sale.  Want to shop earlier?  Busy Mom Taggers can volunteer to work a shift in order to shop our Wednesday pre-sale depending on the number of hours volunteered.  However, you will not earn an additional % for working more shifts.

5.  Print, and fill out the Express Tagging Contract

6.  Check out your items sold during the sale!

7. Pick up unsold items or have them donated.

8. A check can be picked up on Sunday, Oct 1st, during our pick up times.  If you choose to have your items donated a check will be mailed out to you within a week of the sale.