Busy Mom Tagging Contract

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This contract is between _____­­­­­­­____________________ and Kidsignments, LLC.

  1. Consignor must consign at least 20 items to be eligible for Express Tagging.
  2. All items must be clean and free of stains, rips and smells.  All toys must be in working order with batteries and all pieces.  All items must be for the appropriate season.  See guidelines on website if needed.
  3. Express Tagger will provide enough hangers for the clothing.  If you don’t have hangers, they can be purchased through Kidsignments at a cost of .05 cents per hanger.  The amount will be deducted from your check at the end of the sale.  The first 25 hangers are free.  If you choose to donate your items after the sale, you will only be charged .02/sale.  All money from hangers will be donated to missions.
  4. There is a $15.00 fee that covers all tagging supplies (zip ties, bags, safety pins, paper, ink cartridges, etc). The fee also covers our cost to store and deliver your items as well as put them away at our sale. The fee covers the first 100 items and will increase by $5 for each additional 100 items.
  5. By signing this agreement you are giving Kidsignments, LLC the right to price your items as they see fit.  Please only send acceptable items.  Items not acceptable for the sale because of rips, stains, quality, or wrong season will be donated.  Some of the tagged items may not sell.  You may either pick these items up on Sunday for pickup or have them donated.  You also have the option to pick them up and relist them for the following sale.
  6. You will receive 2 passes to shop the Thursday pre-sale.  If you would like to shop the Wednesday volunteer pre-sale, you will need to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours and can make arrangements with Emily.  You will not earn additional percentages for your items by volunteering.  The commission for Express Taggers is 50% firm.
  7. I have read the above contract.  By signing this contract, I fully agree to the terms and conditions.  All information will be kept confidential.

Consignor email:____________________________________________

Consignor Login number:____________    Password:________________

Hangers provided: Yes/No.

# of hangers purchased from Kidsignments: __________ (read below)
(We will fill this in after all your items are in the system)

Do you want your items to be marked ½ off on Saturday? ____________

Do you want to donate your items after the sale?________________
If we find items with stains, tears, dated, smell, not all the pieces available or out of season, these items will be donated.  

Consignor signature:_________________________________________