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What is Kidsignments?

Kidsignments is a Bi-Annual consignment sale that provides an organized environment for parents to Buy and Sell new and gently used infant, children, junior and maternity clothing, shoes, toys, books, games, furniture, baby equipment and much more.

Is there a consignor fee?

Yes, Kidsignments charges a fee to consign per sale.  You will be prompted to pay through PayPal during the consignor registration process.  We offer an early discounted registration rate of $10, but changes to $15 as the sale date approaches.

How much will I earn tagging my own items?

Consignors who tag their own items earn a base percentage of 60% and an additional 5% for each volunteer shift that they work up to 75%.

What if I don’t have time to tag my own items?

Kidsignments offers a service called “Busy Mom Tagging” on a very limited bases.  Spots fill up quickly.  There is a $10 fee for the first 100 items and $5 for each additional 100 items.  Consignors make 50%.

When do I receive my check?

Checks are available during pickup on Sunday after the sale.  We are happy to mail your check if you choose to donate your items.

How will I know if my items have sold?

Our online software allows you to track your sales at the end of each day. We upload inventory updates each evening.

Do I get my unsold items back?

You can either donate your items to a charity of our choosing or you can pick up any unsold items on Sunday after our sale.  Any items not picked up within the allotted time will be donated to our designated charity.

Do I have to have my items sell for half price on Saturday?

No, When listing your items online you have a choice to go half off on Saturday.  Consignors sell more items when they are marked ½ off.

Is there a limit on how many items that I consign?

No, there is currently no limit in place.  Please keep in mind that we carefully inspect each item to ensure excellent quality.

How often do you have your sale?

Kidsignments is a bi-annual sale.  We typically have our sale every April and October.

Where is Kidsignments located?

Kidsignments currently rents out “Harts Celebration Center” for each sale.

3031 E. 450 N

Marion, In 46952

Are children allowed to shop with me?

Yes, Please be mindful of other shoppers and do not allow your children to run wild and play with the merchandise.

How do I get to shop early?

All consignors receive 2 pre-sale passes to our Thursday pre-sale.  Volunteers get to shop at the Wednesday pre-sale with specific times depending on the amount of hours volunteered.

Will you have something for me to carry my items in?

Yes, each shopper will receive an IKEA bag to carry around.

What if my IKEA bag gets filled or I find an item that is too large to carry around?

We have a holding area outside of the gymnasium marked HOLDS.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  However, sometimes we may miss something during our quality control.  If you have a concern with a purchase, please send us an email and let us know.

Can we try on clothing?

No, We do not have accommodations for fitting rooms.

Will I save money?

We have over 170 consignors.  Each tag their items differently.  Some high and some low.  If you want to get a great deal, become a consignor or volunteer so you can be first to shop the sale for the best deals.  We also suggest coming early especially on Saturday when most items are half off.

How do I become a consignor?

Visit our New Consignor page on our website for full details. You can also email any questions to emily@marionconsignments.com.

As a consignor, do I have to stay at the sale?

No, But it is so much fun to volunteer.  Just tag and organize your items and drop them off on the designated time/date.  We do the rest of the work for you.

Do I need to sign a consignor agreement?

Yes, Our consignor agreement will be given when you sign up online to become a consignor in an electronic form.  It is required to complete to begin tagging.

Do I have to provide my own hangers?  Will I get them back?

You will need to provide your own hangers.  Some retail stores throw them away.  Let friends know you need them or ask on fb or a resale sight.  Do not buy them new.  We give 25 hangers free and sell hangers for .05/hanger with all hanger money going into our missions account.

What can I do to help my items sell?

  1. Price your inventory to sell.

  2. Make sure inventory is clean and smells fresh, free of wrinkles. Wipe down toys and large baby equipment.

How do I price my items?

New items in excellent condition ½ of the retail cost is a good estimate.  All other items 1/4 – 1/3 of retail.

How do I attach the tags to my items?

We accept safety pins and tagging guns.  Items need to be pinned on the top right corner of clothing.  When using a tagging gun, do not tag directly on the clothing item as it will cause damage.  Look for the clothing tag or an inseam.  Attach tags to toys and ziplock bags with clear packing tape.  Use painters tape on books, games and puzzles.

What kinds of items do you accept?

We accept anything kid related.  Check out our “What we accept/Do not accept” page.

How can I make a bigger percentage?

By volunteering!!!  We love our volunteers and could not run our sale without them.  We have a special pre-sale on Wednesdays for volunteers only.  Volunteers also make an additional 5% for each 3 hour shift that they work up to 75%.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, debit, check and credit cards

Can we try on clothing?

No, We do not have a changing room.  We suggest measuring your child’s current clothing at home (inseam, length, waist, shoes etc).