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Why should I work a Kidsignments shift?  Workers are an essential part of our consignment sale. It is important for there to be several “hands on deck” to unload, organize items, help check out, help with carrying large loads to the cars, to straighten racks and tables, and to welcome customers. All of these easy things to do make our consignment sale more comfortable, welcoming and convenient for buyers.  Worker opportunities and Rewards:  The Tuesday presale is for consignors/workers only and means you get first choice on items. To shop at the early presale, you must consign at least 20 items.  Workers will receive a higher percentage and get to shop even earlier. Consignors can have friends or relatives help with working.   You do not have to be a consignor to work a Kidsignments shift.  We have many who work a shift because they enjoy it so much and like shopping early at the pre-sale.  Workers also get to shop our 50% off select items on Friday evening after we close to the public.

Volunteer Options Reward Consignor %
No Volunteer Tuesday presale 6:00

Friday 1/2 presale 7:00

1 Shift (3hrs) Tuesday presale 5:00

Friday 1/2 presale 6:00

2 Shifts (6hrs) Tuesday presale 4:30Friday 1/2 presale 5:30 70%
3 Shifts (9hrs) Tuesday presale 4:00Friday 1/2 pre-sale 5:00 75%


Worker hours are determined prior to each sale. You can sign up anytime before the sale with the link below. You don’t have to be good at “sales”, we don’t pressure or push anyone into items they don’t want. Our goal is to be friendly and help when needed. Volunteers get to shop at the Early Pre-Sale!

Worker Registration