The missions part of Kidsignments has continued to grow and grow.  This year we wanted to give to the Grant County “Shop with a Cop” program in honor of our husband/dad, Bill McAbee, for his service as a paramedic for 33 years.  What fun to have 2 chiefs and 6 officers help with our Friday sale.  We can’t wait to hear about all the children they were able to bless with our donation.   Again, thank you!                                                                            

This year we continued to bless foster families and those families in the process of adoption.  We invited them to the 6:00 presale, gave them shopping coupons, invited them to our .50 sale, and to the free shop afterwards when they could go through all the donated items.  We were able to help 15 different families and were so rewarded to have them share how God is working in their lives.  This is definitely something we will continue to do each sale.                                                                                                                                                          

Josephine was also here with her family from Uganda.  What a blessing it was to have her with us and we know that there were so many who were blessed by them.  Her book, African jewelry, and hand bags were a huge hit.  The proceeds from those items will be going to help Josephine and her husband Titus as they continue their ministry at the Fortress, a home for abandoned pregnant teens in Uganda.  Josephine and Titus would like to thank everyone for their support and making them feel so welcome. 

Your donated items went a long way.  Our .50 sale was also a huge success raising $550!  Left over donations were given to Nada’s Ministry in Pennville, Indiana.  This ministry helps caseworkers, foster families, and families in need.  They were praying for donations and we gave them an overwhelming blessing.  Jamie Cash, the owner, has already contacted me with specific stories of how our donations have helped families.  We also gave some of the baby items to the Pregnancy Care Center who so appreciative each year.   

We haven’t figured all our final dollar amounts from “Busy Mom Tagging” or our consignment accounts for missions, but know that this sale has put us over $13,000 in giving towards missions since we started 3 years ago.  Here are the missions we supported this sale:

·         The Fortress (Uganda)

·         Dove Project (Uganda

·         Missionary, Lynne Inman “Love Remedy” (Uganda)

·         Juan Pablo “Heart and Attitude” Scholarship

·         Pregnancy Care Center of Grant and Jay County

·         Grant County “Shop with a Cop”