What Do You Get for 40%?


1. Someone to spearhead the effort.
2. Facility – in out of the rain and wind. This facility usually rents for $300.00 per day.
3. Insurance coverage.
4. Armed Security.
5. Advertising. Professionally developed flyer that is hand delivered to students and
businesses. Recently we’ve been printing 10,000 flyers and using every one.

A. These school systems have graciously allowed us to deliver a flyer for every student in the elementary grades to take home:

Mississinewa Community Schools, Oak Hill Community Schools, St. Paul, Faulkner, King’s Academy, Lakeview Christian School, Emmanuel Christian School (Wabash), Wabash MSD, Blackford Community Schools, Huntington Community Schools, Elwood Community Schools. Marion Community Schools allows us to place them in their elementary school lobbies. These preschools also hand out flyers: Westminster Preschool, Mt. Olive Preschool,1st United Methodist Preschool, Children’s House Montessori, Lighthouse Baptist Preschool, Good Shepherd Preschool andothers.

B. These are some of the area businesses that have graciously allowed us to place
fliers in their establishments:

Marion:  Dr. Jesch, Dr. Raj, Dr. Roper and Goldberg, Dr. Moore, Dave Rees Insurance, Dr. Evansack, Dr. Srikanth, Body and Soul, Dr. Fox, Dr. Gunter, Dr. Hess, Dr. Geier, MGH Billing Dept, Dr. Cox, Dr. Gorman, Corey Tanning, 5 Star Salon, Dr. Hutchison, Cosmo Hair, Marion One Hour Dry Cleaning, A Style Above, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Kathleen’s Hair Design, Curves, Tan Lines, Kids Kraze, Majestic Spa, JuJu Berry, Marion Pediatrics, Marion OB/GYN, Classico Hair, Robbins and Zirkle, Family Service Society, Hairatage, Styling Studio, Marion MOPS, TriKappa and others.

Wabash:  Kids First, Head Start, Curves, Joy Bookstore, Jack in the Box, Friends Church Preschool, Christ United Preschool/day care, Converse Preschool, Lighthouse Mission, Helping Hands and more. Muncie: Minnestrista Orchard Shop and Center Shop, Maring Hunt Library, Kennedy Public Library, Eastgate Community Church and Nursery, Muncie Mommy and Me, Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom group, Seagraves Chiropractic, Common Way Church/Nursery, River of Life Church/Nursery, 1st Pentecostal Church and Nursery and more.

Other local communities targeted: Gas City, Sweetser, Swayzee and Upland.

C. Facebook – regularly run ads and sponsored stories increasing our impact in the
area. Regular updates during the season to keep consignors and shoppers
reminded of our upcoming event. Currently over 3000 fans.

D. Print ads – front page full color ads as well as classifieds in 5 different papers
(appearing at least 18 times twice per sale). Also Public Service Announcements
and articles sent to 10-12 regional newspapers prior to each sale.

F. Bag Ads – allowing other child friendly businesses to advertise to the people that
need them

6. Shoppers – between 1,000-1,500 people regularly come to Kidsignments, every one of
them looking for children’s items.
7. Electronic tagging system – easier tagging and printing for consignors. Tracking
capabilities for consignors online. Easier signup for drop off and volunteer times.
8. Professionally made checks hand delivered to you in less than 24 hours after the end of
the sale.
9. Donations delivered for you.
10. Donation reports available online.
11. Racks, tables and signage. All stored, delivered, set up and arranged for you.
12. About 80 road side signs positioned so people can find us. Those are set out on
Thursday and picked up on Saturday.
13. Credit cards… we handle the credit card devices and company. And we pay the fees so
people spend more money at the sale!
14. Vendors – the convenience of having local businesses here in the building as well as
supporting mostly working moms who are trying to grow their own businesses.
15. Volunteer Coordination – scheduling and working with volunteers, giving assignments
and seeing things that need to be done before, during and after the sale.
16. Website – maintained by professional, updated information including directions, dates,
and details.
17. Someone to deal with lost tags, lost items, frustrated consignors and customers.
18. Someone to answer questions via email and phone for months prior to the sale.
19. Extensive research and networking to discover what is working for other consignment
sales and implement those things here.
20. Easy drop off and easier pick up all organized and pre-sorted for you!
21. Contests and prizes, just for fun!